Exclusive bonus conditions within the "DEPOSIT 50$" promotion

Make your first deposit of $50 or more and you will receive exclusive bonus conditions at our casino:

- a bonus of 300% of the deposit!
Note: You can withdraw the funds won if the total bets exceed 7777% of the deposit.  For example, you made a $100 deposit, $300 (100*300%) accrued bonus, as a result your game balance is $400.  You can withdraw the won funds if the total bets exceed 7777% of the deposit, that is, $7777.  When betting, bonus points are used up first, then real money. 

- an additional bonus of 10% on total deposits over $150 per month!
Note: if you made a deposit within a month 4 times, for example 50$+20$+60$+40$ = 170$, you will receive 50+60=110 * 300% = 330$ and another 50+20+60+ 40=170 * 10% = 17$, total 330+17=347$ bonus

- A cashback from total lost bets over $500 per month in the amount of 5%
In addition, if you invite new users using your referral link, you will receive as a bonus:
- 35% of the user's first deposit, from your referral link
- 0.5% of each next user deposit, from your referral link!
Play and win!

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